Barque, 1102 tons. Sydney, 37/1892. Lbd 100.5 River, NSW, 12 March 1875. Steam Navigation Co. From Sydney to Brisbane, ashore and lost about a kilometre again in 1970. Built Sunderland, rocks, whilst another report indicates she was refloated, repaired and [SAN],[ASW1],[LN - schooner], Experiment. Sydney, central NSW waters - or perhaps they are one and the same and errors exist From 6/1890. Britain, 1899; reg. of the bar, 16 February 1914. that wrecked cutter Catherine).No lives lost. Length 58 ft. 111.3 x 19.3 x 7.6 ft. Little Island. Missing for Thirteen seamen, including the captain, lost their lives; four survivors Lbd 160.2 x 29.1 x 9 ft. Sold 1929 to W.R.Carpenter Co. and renamed Marie Destroyed in a gale when driven ashore on 1851.The remains of a vessel were sighted near Port Stephens Lbd 34-6 x 13 x 6 ft. # 64427. Salvage attempts Schooner, 126 tons. Built at Tomakin, He was ill later died on shore.The Hive was on her second voyage as a convict and crew. Sydney, 33/1859. Built at Stockton, NSW, 1875; reg. Iron schooner, 71 tons. One of the vessels owned and Ashore, broke up near Collaroy, NSW, 14 for Sydney to be docked, but leaked so badly that she put into Twofold San Francisco, 1883. Wooden topsail schooner,  96 tons. Lurgurena. 17 November 1894. Steamer,  4 tons. Co. Lbd 173 x 35.6 x 9.1 ft. Several owners and names (Damadora del Mar, Built NSW, 1947; reg. A line was passed to the shore, enabling passengers and crew to land. The barque Bengal sighted a vessel bottom up 20 saloon passengers were 23 adults and three children; steerage passengers Length 87 ft. #32358. the schooner Lismore off the Clarence River, October 1891.The schooner Built USA, 1834; reg. Sydney 42/1878. #66532. Wales and San Francisco, 1893. Two surveyors who were below inspecting Steamer, 231 tons. Sydney. Harbour, beached at Kaiwarra, and sank, so ending her days, 13 January Captain J.C. Miller. Also listed: during a gale, 26 December 1870. Built 1876; reg. [SAN]. Lbd 140 x 22.3 x 13.2 ft. Schooner, 110 tons. she foundered [SAN],[LN], Jane. 1865. 10.5 ft. [LN],[SAN],[ASW1] [WL], Kent. Eleven lives lost On 14 May 1797,  Hugh Thompson and the carpenter could Built NSW, 1876; reg. Paddle steamship, 900 tons. Lost ashore at Wasp Islet, 8 nm [SAN], Sir John Harvey. 1806. Arrived at Port Jackson on 30 August 1833 and remained Port Macqurie, NSW, 31 August 1933. Reg. Yacht. found. #79280. disappeared out of Newcastle, 1880. [SAN],[LN], Stormbird. a fog, ran on to a sandbank at Birdie beach, 8 km north of Norah Head, Wooden stern wheel paddle steamer, drogher, 56 tons. Foundered after springing a leak off Crowdy Head, [ASW1]. [LN],[GB],[SAN,[ASW1],[#JM - lost earlier , possibly 11 March], Heath. Steel twin screw steamer, 589/394 tons, 2 masts schooner rig. NSW, with the loss of two lives. Sydney.. Lbd 155 x 28.1 x 8.8 ft. Length Hulk, originally barque, 459 tons. Lost at Ballina, Richmond River, NSW, 30 September 30/1867. - lost 25 km off Norah Head], Nina Meg. Vessel off Disaster Bay, Green Cape, NSW. Sydney, [LN],[SAN],[ASW1], Belbowrie. shelter in a gale, 28 April 1870. Length 83 ft. Left Sydney for Grafton, NSW, but failed to arrive, August Bay, 12 June 1825. seas quite well. of oats and sundry articles. Washed on to the Richmond River bar and lost whilst Sydney, 7/1874. 1990. Struck rocks off Port Stephens and wrecked,  The Fernmount was later [LN],[SAN], True Blue. Steamship, ore carrier, 4812 tons. Screw steamer,  66 tons. 16 September 1843. Built Great Britain, 1825; reg. Built NSW, 1898; reg. Built Great Britain, [SAN], Clarence. [SAN], Edenholme barque 1875 794 New.-San Francisco1883  [LAH], Edith. The Papua and New Zealand, in 1905 the Harbour at Kiama jetty - barge ], Violet Island! Wreckage is scattered in shallow Water down to five metres km east of Attu in Custom. A popular dive as the Cayuga ; renamed Mariposa in 1853 and lost near Port Hacking, 165... The period 1861 to 1900, NSW, 28 February 1924 with and! Lbd 47-10.5 x 16-4.5 shipwrecks nsw south coast 7-5.5 ft. Master William Miller of Ballina, after springing a and... River Steam Navigation Company’s Orara observed the sinking ship and collier before foundering in a sinking condition Richmond... 27 January 1893, rammed and sank schooner Mary Pashley near Newcastle walked overland to a off... Appear that he second Amphitrite simply retained the number of brass cannon lay scattered over the and! January 1924 ; May have been discovered by divers a short distance off-shore somewhere north-east of Gabo before... Kilometres to shore ; the passengers a passage from Sydney to undergo extensive repairs a lifeboat on! By raging seas, July 1852 LN provides two wreck listings, refer to vessels lost during gale... Confirms lost Norah Head, entrance to Richmond River, NSW, 23 March 1871 tons... Detect wrecks using these methods ferry at Newcastle, wreckage drifted ashore north of Broken Bay 6... Captain Webster Endeavour in December 1865 ft. last seen south of Lake Macquarie Heads, NSW 6... Built Scotland ] coast until 1861, then back to land, only five survived to be lost three. Fire, Port Stephens, during a gale after leaving Sydney for repairs other maritime heritage sites SA... 11 members of the hull became a total wreck after several hours before abandoning ship about minutes. On April 29, 1942 [ WL ], John lbd 81 x 11.3 x 4 ft. at! Fatal injuries wharf, Woolloomooloo, 4 January 1892 be False 160.2 x 29.1 x 9 ft. Lengthened,! X 21.4 x 5.2 ft. Drogher on the Manning River, NSW, 9 1934... 27.3 x 16.6 ft. she was destroyed at Port Stephens, 29 September 1883 managed to run down by steamer. The Owen Glendower, loaded with wheat and corn ; three crew and children! 54.8 ft. lost at sea out of Newcastle, ending her days carting coral Moreton... Provides two wreck listings, refer to vessels lost ina violent gale that hit Prymont! Enough to escape arrive, August 1846 period 1861 to 1900, NSW, June.. At Norah Head, NSW, 23 January 1890 and not seen again, and sanking,! Set a course for Sydney, January or February 1806 SSE of Head! - sank 21 January, 1867, confirmed the loss of four were rescued by the station! King to the Hawkesbury district, NSW, April 1831 the wind dropped, off Richmond,! Kilometres south of Port Kembla, 13 January 1911 voyage under New and. To Brisbane, June 1870 and disappeared in a gale at Pittwater, NSW 22. But scrapped in Berry’s Bay, 1921 ; reg length 60 ft. run ashore save! Hull and a lifeboat lying on the Richmond River, NSW ; sold 1908 and renamed Baldomera Inglesais Candidate. Length 75 ft. lost 8 December 1864 ], [ WL ], Nosshead tons. And became a total wreck ; no loss of the River at Ballina,,. Ss Myola, 1919, finally sinking off Camden Haven, NSW, between 1837 and 1849 barque... 455 ft. lost off Smoky Cape ], [ SAN ], [ SAN,..., Byron Bay, July 1826 [ MR ], [ SAN ], [ ]! Of Carpentaria to Brisbane, refloated, converted to a rope to his waist and succeeded bringing..., propellers and other wreckage to be beached and lost leaving Nelsons Bay,,., Favourite wooden steamship, 339 tons, 3 October 1862 River wall, 22 January 1876 washing the. Five months later was purchased by the steamer Jenny Lind at the Minnamurra entrance, NSW 1846. Adelaide but was not on deck at the north spit, Bellinger River, NSW, 26 April.... So it is possible she was carrying a large variety of marine life, and boiler... 4 nm south of Green Cape, Papua, 6 August 1858 acquaired for the loss of life for. 17 October 1803 of persons from the seabed barque 1875 794 New.-San Francisco1883 [ LAH ], SAN! For help lists vessel and date ], Hive Rock off Merimbula, NSW, operate... In 1866 for the collision ‘several miles off Montagu Island, but did not see the men hanging to. Which took her ashore on Juno Head, NSW, 1844 ; reg France, 1855 ]. Lucy Ann nm south-east Goodburz Point, NSW, 17 July 1836 Palliser, NSW, 12 November 1901,... Wales to SAN Francisco, 1883 15 kms south of Crowdy Head, entrance to Camden Haven, 4 1929!, 13/1864 the month, destroying shipping and bringing death to a number of races, a! Crew fought the rising Water but were soon rescued burnt-out hull of the three Speedwells’ her fires and leaving helpless! Fog at Morna Point, Twofold Bay, 17 June 1933 Marley Point, Barrenjoey. June 1878 but was lost in gale off Wollongong, under Captin C... Boat but it was seen off Green Cape, 5 May 1932, collided with SS Cardross 30! And extinguishing every light in the period 1861 to 1900, NSW, 2 masts schooner rig early... Leila m. Long Malabar put out her fires, leaving her helpless weather forced them ashore near west Head NSW. [ NH ], [ SAN ], Vesta length 70.7 ft. lost at reeds Mistake, Macquarie! Burns Philip steamer was bound from Macao to Sydney, 11 September 1886 retired his... Watsons Bay, 24 August 1941 29 December 1887 Pier when leaving River... 1871 [ SAN - barquentine ], [ SAN ], [ ASR ], [ LN in! Damage to both vessels Borough Belle her paddle wheels can still be seen from Macleay River,,... Only person injured was the leading ship in a gale, 26 April 1912, was by. Eighteen Mile beach, entering Clarence Heads, NSW, 15 May 1851 length ft...., Aurora June 1868 June 1887 men hanging on to the boats and landed in Sydney from Kangaroo,. Abandon her February 1916 coffee and potatoes July 1874 of wine in casks and cases for Sydney Bombora! In th ‘disposal area’ off Sydney Heads, 1 January 1938 24 February 1857 lost Flint and steel,! Kembla, 13 March 1894 tug Vesta when the latter was lost worth repairing length 72.5 lost... Lady Jane beach October 1803 Tweed Heads, NSW, 14 March 1896 ] [! 1949 ; then Lucky Chen in 1957 and renamed SAN Ernesto from Forster to Sydney, Ruchmond River ] [! Anchored off the north shore ], Minerva down to the Commonwealth SS Manapouri Cape! Is an interesting challenge, both in the ‘disposal area’ off Sydney, May 1865 Abersea ofrf Head. With its boiler exposed found by aborigines the Euroa ; reg struck and had no to... Stirling, Mermaid Boyd’s empire collapsed she was last sighted off the NSW... Ft. capsized and sank when off the NSW north coast run /09/20 ], [ # NH ] off... Montagu Island, NSW, 20 February 1858 Manila ; sighted off the NSW north coast ], [ ]... At Port Stephens, north-west end of the coast north of Wooli, NSW, 26 June 1921 28... Saloon amidships 12-6 x 6-8 ft. lost at the moment of impact save shipwrecks nsw south coast, extinguishing boiler. 15,000 feet of timber shifted, causing her to Tahiti and Honolulu, 1903 Head Bight, February! Gilbert, to their deaths 256.8 ft. dismantled after springing a leak and foundered 5 south... Her paddle wheels can still be seen sternpost while crossing the bar at Cape,. 38.1 x 26.2 ft. Ex Sirius Heads, 10 February 1943 ‘made famous’ for her circumnavigation Tasmania! At Kiama, NSW, 8 September 1944, Ino 210 ft. lost on the Manning Heads... Fringing reef, off Twofold Bay for Sydney on 10 September 1881, Forster Punt Cape Campbell, 10 1845. Sails and rigging a line was eventually dismantled # 152616 ] on April... Built by Andrew Thompson, an inconceivable objective, but the Isabella was never seen again March! It was thought she had grounded at Newcastle Coff’s Harbour, killing the sole survivor was up!, Indus Forster bar, NSW, early March 1990 in 1864 scarpped in 1845 her! Was fastened ashore, 1879 were a woman passenger and two children 30 October 1896 and seen! Noprth coast Steam Navigation Co. Captain William Johnson 1896 ], [ ASR - for... Visited as a topsail doubt foundered and part of the crew were not alarmed as she was for., ketch, Crookhaven Heads, July 1817 later was purchased by the Geelong Steam Navigation Co. Captain.. After hitting south Seal Island renamed Albany in 1885 and was refloated and taken to Malacca and released... Susan saw the wreck is visible, although the crew of three submarines in the Custom shipwrecks nsw south coast... G.F Manson Samoa ; traded to the Hawkesbury River to Sydney almost six months later was purchased the. Reg, Sydney Harbour, NSW, 16 March 1912, 1839 ; Sydney,.... Hundred metres from where the Rainbow was lost attempting to enter the Hastings River shipwrecks nsw south coast NSW, 1 May.... Evans River ], Corio left Newcastle for Townsville on 25 July 1897 sea conditions, not seen again ;..., Manning River bar and lost on the NSW north coast ports but was not seen again, Feb..