As the series progresses, Yuma and Astral start working together, mostly after he called Astral his friend. Yuma also pointed out that Scorch and Chills were just using him, that their hideout is not a place for him to stay, and that both Yuma and Shark are comrades. [63], One day Yuma was late for school, and dashed across a crosswalk when traffic was cleared, but nearly got run over by someone on a motorcycle. This destroyed "Utopic Dragon". [88], Ironically, there is some resemblance between Kite's and Yuma's Dueling styles, as both seem to prefer a more offense-based strategy, and their Dueling styles were at least somewhat compatible when they Tag Dueled. During the Duel, Astral warned Yuma that Alito might be an assassin from the Barian World. When Astral undoes ZEXAL, Yuma was given "Utopia" and "Shark Drake" and was told to save Hart and Astral World. Yuma used "Hi-Five the Sky" to let "Utopic Future" attack again, as well as "Memories of Courage" to increase its ATK to 4000. For the last three days, Yuma had shown up to school in strange outfits; the last one was a bee costume. 13: Cain's Doom", "No. and "Atlanto". As Yuma was push into a corner by Nelson, Yuma proclaimed that he would save Nelson. Trey refused to let Yuma quit the Duel and brutally attacked him, causing Yuma to nearly fell off the highway until his friends saved him. [53], After seeing his "Number" monster, Yuma begins to doubt his skills, but Astral tells him to believe in Roku's teachings, for they will lead to victory. Yuma searches frantically for it only to find that Kite and Orbital 7 has the key with Astral still inside, and that Shark's soul was stolen. Shark then decides to Duel with Yuma against Scorch and Chills in a 2-on-2 Tag Duel. He sees Astral's Duel with Kite, and wanting to help, does jump through, to which Astral initiates an Xyz Summon, using the both of them as material. However, Yuma was glad that they respected his decision and gave him some food for his trip. Afterwards, Yuma and Astral talked with The Door and was shown Astral's true memories, learning his mission was to obtain a powerful card, known as the Numeron Code, which can shape worlds. [22] They go inside, looking for the Key, but are intercepted by Orbital 5 and Orbital 6. He witnessed the rest of the Duel and stared on in shocked as Nash claimed victory after a series of trials. [59], Sometime after gaining the key, a door shaped like the head of a demon, wrapped in chains started haunting Yuma in his dreams, causing him to have the same nightmare almost every night. When Yuma saw that a Barian-brainwashed Devon brutally defeated Ray, Yuma immediately began a Duel with him. Knowing Astral would die if he did that, Yuma begged him not to it, but Astral only told him goodbye. [12], Upon entering the Duel Tower, Yuma noticed there was something wrong with Shark as he made no attempt to defend against his attacks, which caused him to easily reduce Shark's Life Points. Trey's Crest starts damaging his body, but Yuma manages to convince Trey to work together with him to revive Astral. Although "Rainbow Kuriboh" allowed Yuma to survive another turn, Yuma realized he was on the brink of losing, but thought of Astral and how important he had become to him. [26] Yuma greatly looked forward to Dueling Kite again, and openly showed excitement throughout their Duel. Yuma and Astral transformed into ZEXAL and Summoned "Utopia", only for Don Thousand to use the effect of "Numeronius" to destroy and replace it with "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory". However, Cathy's agility saved the group, while Yuma managed to defeat Captain Corn. As Yuma talked with Astral, he noticed his friends, and everyone else, couldn't see him. Due to several blockages, Yuma arrives to finds the criminal, aged and continuously saying "Number Hunter". Yuma wondered about his most precious thing as the key lit up, but the ground below him suddenly crumbled away causing him to fall into an abyss. Later, it was revealed that Astral has been teaching Yuma how to Duel, since one day he'll disappear and Yuma will have to fight alone. [53], When they were young, Bronk is first shown to make fun of Yuma's losing streak at Dueling and laugh at him in class. However just before he can deal the finishing blow on Yuma, the robot informs him that his little brother has collapsed, so the Hunter cancels the Duel. Yuma wants to be a Duel Champion, but tends to sleep and slack off at school, and doesn't generally use strategies during Duels. Thousand taunted him, revealing the power of Chaos will always revive him and they cannot fight against it as humans are the root of Chaos. Yuma denied it, and responded that Hart needs saving more than he does right now. El nombre de "Yuma" puede significar "tard… Yuma stood up for him and in a twist of events, Shark crushed Emperor's Key and accepted Yuma's challenge. Upon Astral's request, Yuma takes Hart to his home and formed a friendship with him. [16] Though Astral was insightful and was always thinking about what his opponent would be capable of doing, Yuma ignored his advice and continued playing his way. Suddenly, Cologne, another popular character from the Heartland Theme Park, comes down the stairs, holding a candlestick. When Eliphas dismissed his "Shining Draw" as a waste, Yuma said that Rank-Up was necessary for the sake of the living people and compared them to Duelists he had confronted who had their own troubles. Bewildered, Yuma said that everyone can learn to understand one another and blamed Thousand's curse on Nash's attitude, but Nash refuted this - he was the only one who chose to be a Barian on his own will, and that his very existence was the curse of Don Thousand. Then his father showed up, shouting him encouragement and tossed him in the key. Yuma used its effect to reduce the ATK of "Numeronius" to 0 and destroy both of them. Yuma decides to Duel Roku so he can leave. After Vetrix released the souls he captured, he let go of Yuma's hand and thanked Yuma for all he had done as he fell into the core, much to Yuma's horror. Yuma talked to a comatose Hart about still being in the World Duel Carnival and his goals. Astral says that Yuma is pathetic, but that his feelings are strong, and that they will win if Yuma trusts him. Yuma and Alito instantly Summoned out their ace monsters, engaging in a battle of Counter Traps. In the school library, Yuma and Tori goes on on the computer and find information, the article calls Shark the "tarnished champion candidate". Other accessories includes a brown fingerless glove on his left hand, a black protective pad on his right elbow and a thick, dark blue bracelet with light blue gems and red outlines on his right wrist. Knowing that she was being used by the Barian World, Yuma challenge her to a Duel, but his leg was numb and prevented him from getting up right away. Astral tells him he can't win the way he's playing now and that Yuma is afraid, but Yuma rebuffed him and continue playing his way. Yuma learned that Alito had been hurt and Girag believed that Ray was responsible. [45] "Utopia" saw a second upgraded form via the use of "Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force" when Yuma and Ray Shadows Dueled Girag, resulting in "Number C39: Utopia Ray V". Es el padre de Kari y Yuma Tsukumo, esposo de Mira Tsukumo e hijo de Haru Tsukumo. Touched that Trey was willing to fight alongside him, Yuma asked him for support in his Duel and gave him "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" and "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis", believing sharing the "Numbers" powers was the right thing to do. Already under pressure, Yuma blamed himself for not thinking more about the risks of trusting "Ray", and Vector chided him for keeping secrets from his partner, calling Yuma a "traitor", who just wanted to be friends with him more than with Astral. [96], After Vector revealed he was Ray and that Yuma hid this from him, this caused Astral to lose some trust in Yuma, resulting in their inability to turn into ZEXAL and resulting in Astral's corruption, bringing about Dark ZEXAL. Yuma had a way to get rid of "Shark Drake Veiss" by Tributing "Rivals Unite" with "Traplin", but that would make the "Number" possess Shark again. Yuma know Aaron when the two were still in elementary school together, before Aaron moved away. As Astral left to find the location of the "Numeron Network" card to help them, he contacted the duo to let them know that he planned to sacrificed to absorb the "Numeron Network" energy in order to prevent Earth from being destroy. Yuma used "Xyz Shift" and "Night Papilloperative" to Summon "Heroic Champion - Excalibur" and halve his Life Points to equal Nistro's and simultaneously prevent "Heroic Growth" from activating to lower the ATK of "Lion Heart". When the Sphere Field started to disintegrate, Yuma was sent falling onto a cliff side. Yuma sought help from the rest of the Number Club over his Duel Gazer when they encountered Quattro in the lobby. As Yuma became exhausted by being in the Sphere Field., Astral apologized to him, saying it's all his fault since he wasn't strong enough. After he opened it, a mysterious figure flew towards Yuma, who was then trapped within a sphere made of blank cards. Sometime later, he Dueled against some bullies and lost, then was mocked to the point of tears welling up in his eyes. [4] Yuma invaded Heartland Tower and managed to enter Hart's mind to find Vetrix appearing in the form of a dragon. Vector explained to him that he masquerading as "Ray Shadows" in an effort to befriend Yuma and further his plans against him. Amused and smiling, Kite says it was none of his business, but Yuma then revealed his real wish - to Duel Kite again to settle their score. Afterwards, the group was transported back to the airship and Tori, but Rio remained unconscious. Astral is a Dueling Ghost who helps Yuma in his Duels, but he can only be seen by him. They decided to go visit Rio at hospital and caught Chironex poisoning her. However, Yuma's mood was dampened when he forgot that Astral was gone and called out to his friend before realizing his mistake. Yuma's actions were questioned by Quinton, who pointed out that Kite is Faker's son, and Faker betrayed Kazuma - and he is a Number Hunter who will hunt Yuma as well. Yuma says that finding the "Numbers" is not a game, to which Astral replies saying that yet it was heartening, and advising Yuma to tell the others about the previous day. Eliphas appeared to Yuma and blamed him for corrupting Astral with his Chaos. [46], While Dueling with a student after school, Yuma was dragged by Ray into a classroom to find Tori and Cathy arguing about who should be the Numbers Club's female cheerleader. [63], The next day, Yuma was waiting for Tori at the mall, surprised she was late, but then group of cats approached Yuma, with the one at the front having a note in its mouth. Yuma then said that he couldn't know anything, since he is forbidden from Dueling. Having all their moves countered and with the appearance of Chills' "Number 19: Freezadon", which gave "Volcasaurus" its Overlay Units back, Shark and Yuma were pushed into a corner. Yuma agreed to be Ray's "subordinate" and excitedly jumped into the air, nearly falling of his roof as a result. [116], Returning home, Yuma was informed by Astral that the Astral World was in danger and rushed down to find Kari watching the news about abnormal phenomenons occurring all across the globe. Nelson returned to his normal self and reunited with his mother, causing Yuma to remember his own mother. He attempts to change tactics, but Yuma tells him that it does not matter how many times he loses because he loves Dueling. Eliphas warned Yuma that his desire to be with Astral would turn into fear of losing him and would be become his "bondage". At first during the Duel, Yuma has faith that Dextra will win against Vetrix, given the advantage she has. Suddenly, Kite appeared and told Yuma that he and Quinton found a way to Astral World. [18], After Astral left, Yuma returned to his normal life. However, his grandmother assure him that Roku left relief that Yuma has chosen his path, which left him wondering what path he has taken. However, Ray was ecstatic to met Yuma, in albeit fanboyish fashion, and referred to Yuma as the "crown jewel" of Heartland Academy and Heartland City. ZEXAL manga. When using ZEXAL II, he no longer requires a Duel Gazer, his left eye simply becomes more luminous. In the morning, Yuma was apparently late for school and was running through the hallways, having forgot he has swimming class today. Yuma accepted Erazor's challenge to Duel with their memories and his "Numbers" on line, but noticed how scared he felt. However, he flubs another move, forgetting to activate his "Bye-Bye Damage" Trap Card, which could have saved him Life Points. [133], Immediately after this, Alito attacked the airship with "Number C105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus", knocking Yuma, Astral and Tori from it. [69] Knowing that Astral helps Yuma, Kite sees Astral as his rival instead of Yuma, whom Kite considered as "just an idiot". [2], Shark overpowers Yuma during the Duel, but when Yuma decides to believe in himself, his broken pendant restores itself, and Yuma uses it to open The door of his dreams. When asked about his aim, Yuma answered by saying his aim is to become the Duel Champion. [66], When he entered the lair of Fortuno, who had kidnapped Tori, Bronk, Flip, and Caswell, he only called out to Tori despite clearly seeing the others held captive as well. [46], Yuma has the natural ability to see and hear Astral, and was shown multiple times that he is capable of talking with Astral telepathically. Pleased to meet a Duelist, the Sparrow gave Yuma back his Deck and Yuma happily agreed to have a Duel with the Sparrow upon his request. Then, at school, he meets his friends Tetsuo Takeda and Kotori Mizuki as always. However, Vetrix manages to pull himself out and beat Dextra with only 100 Life Points. However, she just turns around and says that she likes Yuma's house better, and that she prefers love to money. Just as Kite left with Orbital 7, Yuma got into an argument with Quinton and Trey, who claimed they wouldn't be going with him either in favor of avenging Quattro's death. Mr. Heartland smiles and orders Kaito to defeat the messenger from the Astral World in front of him. Astral stated that "Utopia" is the power he has entrusted to Yuma and that he must use it to win the Duel. class, Yuma tries to jump over 20 blocks, "kattobingu", but he fails. Yuma went to the hospital with Shark to hear Rio muttering about someone coming to take something important. Smiling for the first time since Astral's departure, Yuma was touched by Trey's proclamation and gave back the "Numbers" Trey had used before as a sign of trust and friendship. After letting his friends handle a security robot, Yuma and Astral entered Hart's room. As he approached the Astral World, Yuma spotted Rainbow Kuriboh, which he recognized as his father's card. Yuma saved "Utopia Roots" with its own effect; however, he would take damage equal to the ATK of the "Utopia Beyond" that was destroyed. After taking the damage from "Number 54: Lion Heart", Yuma beseeched to Alito to tell him what happened to him, knowing Alito wasn't the type to use underhanded tactics, but only received a sadistic laugh and was told it losing to Yuma that made him this way. [82], Nearing to the WDC finals, Yuma and Astral converse on what to do with the "Numbers" and their situation with Hart Tenjo. [2] Kite seems to have grown to respect Yuma as he begins to call him by his first name, however he still doesn't see him as his rival and still dislikes him. Yuma tried to make Shark remember the times they Dueled together, how Shark tried protecting his Emperor's Key from Kite, and how much their bond meant to him.
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