Hotel revenue management is very dynamic in nature as there are many internal and external factors impact the demand and supply in the market. If You would you know those internal and external factors correctly and their impacts, you can easily forecast demand and supply that will give you the power to increase Revenue with increase in REVPAR and ARR also.

Internal Factors

⦁ Inventory Booking status of the day
⦁ Time of the day
⦁ Day of the week
⦁ ARR of same weekday (Last week/ Avg last month / Avg Last year)
⦁ ARR of month (Weekday and Weekends)
⦁ Corporate booking commitments

External Factors

⦁ City Type
⦁ Competition business books of the day/Month
⦁ Competition strategy
⦁ Festival / Long Weekends / Weekdays
⦁ Travel Agent Enquires of the day / month
⦁ Rush in the market (Govt Exams / Rallies / Social Events & Gatherings etc)


⦁ OTA’s offer for the day for your Hotel
⦁ Hotel / Room Photos
⦁ Profile Photo
⦁ Review handling specially Negative Reviews
⦁ Booking cancellations (Last 3 months)
⦁ Answer to guest questions 
⦁ Overall Rating
⦁ Inventory allocation of the day to OTA 
⦁ Rate Parity between other OTA / your website (Last 3 months)
⦁ OTA Offers and Promotions to OTA Guests
⦁ Secrete deals to Guests
⦁ PLB offer to OTA
⦁ Commission to OTA
⦁ Mobile Booking Offers
⦁ OTA’s branding strategies
⦁ OTA mergers, acquisition and partnerships
⦁ Digital Ranking of Various OTAs every day

With the right hotel management strategy, any hotel can compete with the largest and best hotel brands in the world. We at Hotexl Technology help hotels sell the right room to the right client at the right price on the right distribution channel with the best commission efficiency.

Hotexl Technology assist hotels to excel by driving their more bookings and thereby increasing their revenues. We help hotels to implement right hotel management strategy where they can manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.

Why out Source Revenue Management

Cost Saving

Our revenue managers are shared between various hotel and cost is shared between clients that make us to be cost effective solution for clients.

Increase Efficiency

Our revenue managers are facing various permutations and combinations that make them very effective in taking quick and right decisions.

Focus on core Activities

Once you out source revenue management activity. Hotel’s senior management can focus on Hotel core activity that is Guest satisfaction. As guest satisfaction, repeat guests and word of mouth are best way to grow Hotels reputation.

Constant Competitive Edge

We keep training our revenue manager on various international training courses as well we hire best of the team from industry. Our revenue managers will always keep you ahead than your competition.

Access to Skilled Expertise

You access to skilled and expertise team from Hotexl revenue management. Don’t try doing it internally and leave things on luck.

Increase Revenue

The top most and prior reason to outsource to Hotexl team is that our team will work with your team to create winning strategy of Increasing Hotel revenue and cash flow.


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