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Hotexl Technologies’s Sales Alliance Partner Program is a win-win-win because it’s designed to deliver outstanding results and benefits for all parties involved. Our partnerships are based upon an understanding of mutual needs and objectives, and focused on quality, to produce wins for you, your customers, and us.

We have three types of Partner program available :
  • Global Referral Connect Partnership
  • Global Sales Alliance Partnership
  • Global White Label Partnership


Global Referral Connect Partnership

Referral Partners work with the Hotexl team and help us with referrals to your network of contacts who could be potential customers. Referral Partner’s do not sell or consult on our applications, but simply introduce us to sales opportunities and facilitate the first meeting. They also assist in influencing the sale as required. Hotexl also tries to provide a list of possible customers in the regions in which the partner operates. Once the case referred by the partner becomes a customer, the partner is entitled to a commission on the first PO order value.

With the right solutions, advanced technology, a clear market strategy, Hotexl is well positioned for continued growth and stability. Hotexl dedicated to delivering world–class customer service and satisfaction. Prospects in your network that you refer to Hotexl will appreciate your assistance and your business will continue to grow.

Becoming a Hotexl Technologies’ referral partner is easy. Once you are convinced about our capability to deliver high quality products and the mutual benefits we bring, we sign up and NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) an also the referral alliance agreement.

Global Sales Alliance Partnership Program

We created Global Sales Alliance Partners Program to accelerate growth for our partners by strengthening our sales channels and relationships. Hotexl Technologies is highly selective in forming its sales relationships, minimizing channel competition between our partners. This approach enables us the maximum ability to tailor the program to each partner’s unique business model.

Partner work closely with the Hotexl sales team and create cases from its network of contacts or customers who could be potential customers on our solutions. Global Sales Alliance Partner becomes our Reseller for the region and Partner can sell our product and solutions to any prospective customers. We request our partners to share potential customer’s names so if a customer connects us directly we still reconnect to the same partner. Once the case closed by the partner becomes a customer, the partner is entitled to a commission on the first PO order value.

Our Global Sales Alliance Partner Program offers extensive benefits, including:
  • Joint marketing opportunities.
  • Cross-links on partner and our Web sites.
  • Co-branding on marketing campaigns.
  • Public relations.
  • Solution summits and seminars.
  • Industry events.
  • Education and Training.
  • Internal technical education.

Global White Label Partner

White Label Program is a term that describes the ability to brand a third-party product or service under your own organization’s name. Under the Private Label Partnership, the underlying technology may be developed and owned by another company, but you brand and tailor the product using your logos and your company name.

Hotexl’s White Label OEM Program offers you a unique opportunity of re-selling Hotexl’s high-end products under your company name, catering to different go-to-market requirements while ensuring a significant growth of revenue.

Included in our White Label Program
  • Your brand name and logo on the product.
  • Individual Service pack / updates for all ongoing Software up-gradation.
  • Separate set for product download.
  • On-boarding support Pre-sales.
  • Access to software Beta Versions.
  • Live technical support for you.
  • Complete online training for you.
  • Direct contact with Management and technical Team.
  • Direct contact with Management and Technical Team.
  • Free Demo licenses.
  • Lead ownership.
  • Freedom to set product prices.
  • Access to marketing kit.
  • Consultation for marketing activities.
  • On-site implementation and training on request.
  • Partner Logo Usage and Guideline.
  • All possible localization configuration.

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