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How does our online reputation management system work?

We bring your hotel’s best on the table

Get the accurate evaluation of your property through online reputation management system. You can precisely identify which services are being favored by the guests and which are not. Eventually, you can work hard to serve them better.

We get you reviews from everywhere under one roof

All your reviews can be collectively monitored, through a single place. With Hotexl’s online reputation management software you will be able to track every review received from TripAdvisor, Google, OTAs and so on.

You get to know your guests better

Sentimental analysis is an important aspect of business. The online reputation management software helps you understand your guests’ attitude while they review you, and derive the information hidden within the review, giving you a clear-cut look out.

You can respond to all reviews from one place

Keep a detailed track of the reviews you receive on several sites, and respond to them effortlessly right from the reputation management software, in a flash.

We help you get more reviews on TripAdvisor

So it’s not just managing reviews, but our hotel reputation management software will also help you collect more reviews for free on TripAdvisor, through the TripAdvisor Review Express program, whom we’re affiliated with.

You get a chance to improve your services

Whenever you receive the review- praising or criticizing any of your services. From Critique, you can directly mail the reviews to the responsible department

Social Media Management

Facebook and its group companies Instagram and WhatsApp control the social media market for Leisure Resorts / Homestays / Camps / Day Camps and Weekend Destinations.
It is more important for leisure resorts as they cannot attract bookings from any conventional OTA’s like Goibibo, Makemytrip or as these OTA portals mainly work for urban / city hotels.
Resorts located in natural beauty with beautiful sunrise or sunset, river, mountains, beaches makes them fantastic content generating machine. Many of resort owners miss the daily content updation on social media about the beautiful photos of the resort and its views.

Why is Social media management important for continue flow of revenue?

⦁ Word of mouth is the best way of resorts to get continues flow of customers.
⦁ Guests like sharing their experience in their Facebook profile about time spent with you with their Social media friends.
⦁ Continues posts keeps them updated and connects them to their memories to bring them back to your resorts.
⦁ Facebook most populated place on the earth (Population 2.27B), 1 person out of every 3 in world is on Facebook.
⦁ Average person spends more than 30 minutes daily on Facebook.
⦁ 24 to 34 age group are the most active and make the max number of users in the segment.

Resorts need to streamline their social media strategies for bringing new guests every day and engage their current guests. Whats Works on social media, not selling your resort and services but

It’s all about engaging relationships:

Recommendation > Testimonials > Referrals

If you would like to know how we can help you with your social media marketing strategy, please fill the form below we will contact you or call us on +91 9860644281

Will my hotel staff be able to operate the Mobile App and use it in sync with our Hotexl account?

The App has been designed keeping simplicity and ease of use at its core. It intends to equip hoteliers with a powerful, yet simple tool that can be used to manage hotel operations easily. Even if the staff comes with limited tech knowledge, they can ace it in a matter of minutes. The App is almost as easy to use as WhatsApp.


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